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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday!

Thank you to those who donated for Oakwood's World Kindness Day campaign.  We had a sharing circle and talked about different ways that we can show kindness.  Students who participated in donating were able to decorate a strip of paper that will be added to a chain that will be placed around the school.

The students practiced the formation and sound of the letter Ff.  The students practiced printing upper and lower case letter Ff and short words that begin with the letter Ff with an activity sheet.  We also enjoyed an eye spy game, finding pictures cards around the classroom and spelling each word in front of the class.

Science Fair
The students continued learning more about our science experiment, about matter and the different sates of matter (solid, liquid and gas).  The SK's reviewed with a sharing circle what we learned about  and the 6 steps of the Scientific Method.  We explored the materials and conducted the experiment 3 times using one more tablet each time to see what would happen.  We recorded our hypothesis and observations with our class chart.

The SK's continued learning more about Data Management!  The students were introduced to tallying and graphing with a name activity.  Each student had the opportunity to write their name on a class graph and paying attention to how many letters are in each name.  The students recorded a tally on an activity sheet to determine hoe many names in the class has 5, 6, 8, or even 10 letters.

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  • Thursday, November 14th
    • Science Fair Judging 
  • Friday, November 15th 
    • Science Fair Day (parents can come to visit from 2:30 - 3:15 pm)
  • Wednesday, November 20th 
    • Picture Retakes
  • Saturday, November 23rd – Open House (10 am – 2 pm)
  • Tuesday, November 26th
    • Book Fair
    • Bake Sale 
  • Wednesday, November 27th 
    • Book Fair
    • Bake Sale
  • Thursday, November 28th
    • Book Fair & November Spelling Test
  • Friday, November 29th
    • Book Fair
  • Thursday, December 5th – Parent & Teacher Conferences
  • Tuesday, December 10th – JK – Grade 2 Christmas Concert
  • Tuesday, December 17th – Grade 3 – 8 Christmas Concert
  • Wednesday, December 18th
    • Bake Sale 
    •  Casual Day
  • Thursday, December 19th
    • House Game Day 
    • Spirit Day (wear red, green, white),
    • Bake Sale
  • Friday, December 20th – Tuesday, January 7th – Christmas Break

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