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St. Jude's Academy aims to teach students through planning, inquiry, instruction and assessment in order to prepare students to be conscientious world citizens.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thankful Thursday!

We had another fantastic day! The students listened to a read a loud story that was titled Help! I've Lost My Classroom!  We had a sharing circle and talked about our own experiences for our first day.  The students enjoyed another house game, this time students had to wrap toilet paper around a teacher!  We ended our day with a scavenger hunt with Ms. Bannon's class, the students did a great job following directions and listening.

The students worked independently with a letter printing pretest, each student had to write the letters in the alphabet in upper and lower case.

Unit of Inquiry
The students were introduced to our first unit that focused on farms/farm animals and the many foods we eat and drink that come from them.  We began with a brainstorming activity and talked about where the students thought the food that they buy at the grocery store come from?  A lot of the students were surprised to learn that the food they eat and drink, come from animals on the farm!  The students worked in their groups with a meat matching activity.

The students worked independently with a Number Sense pre-test.

Please see Ms. V's teacher blog.

Please see Ms. Hou's teacher blog.

-Welcome BBQ forms are going home in the agenda bags and are to be returned by September 13th.  The BBQ will take place on September 19th from 4-5:30 pm.
-On Friday, September 6th, students can wear their house colours for House Colours Dress Up Day!
-Scholastic book orders are due September 11th.

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