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St. Jude's Academy aims to teach students through planning, inquiry, instruction and assessment in order to prepare students to be conscientious world citizens.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Terry Fox Thursday!

We had so much fun running this morning for our annual Terry Fox Run!  Thank you to everyone who donated, we raised over $4, 000!!!

Spelling Test Words:

Letters of the week: i and n

Show & Share this week are: Tanisha, Armaan, Sahib .R., Sahib .K. & Finley.

Hello SK parents! Thank you to those who have been bringing in items for International Day.  Students have been learning more about the country Jamaica.

Inquiry into Language
The SK's practiced their printing skills in their Journals, each student had to write three words that began with the letter n.  We also listened too and did the actions to the Jolly Phonics song:Jolly Phonics Song letter Nn

We did not have Gym today with Ms. Yustin, because she was taking part with the Terry Fox Run.

Mlle. Hou continued to teach the students about items around the classroom in French.

Unit of Inquiry
We continued learning more about parts of a plant and its functions with a Journal activity.  We practiced printing words that related to plants.  The students also practiced their cutting and pasting skills.

Daily 5
The students enjoyed Literacy Centers today and were engaged in groups.

The SK's worked on representing 10 using counting cubes and worked on an activity sheet.  We sat together of on the carpet, which was a nice break from table work.
                                                                 Running for Terry Fox!

                                              Sahib .R. helped us with the calendar today.
                                      Matthew and Finley were our Weather Boy & Girl.
                                                                  Printing the letter Nn
                                              Journal and list writing with parts of a plant.

                                                          Math work on the carpet.

-Chudleigh's Apple Farm trip will take place October 15th.  Trip forms are to be sent in by September 28th.
-Uniform shoes: black shoes are to be worn with all navy socks and gym shoes are to be worn with all white socks.
-Orange Shirt Day is on September 28th.  Students who are not wearing orange, are to be wearing their school uniforms.
-International Day is on October 4th.  Parents are welcome to visit the classrooms to view the presentations from 2:30 to 3:15 pm.  Our class will be learning more about and presenting the country of Jamaica! Please feel free to bring in any books, pictures, clothing, toys or food that we can use for our presentation.  Thank you again to those who have been bringing in items =)

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