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St. Jude's Academy aims to teach students through planning, inquiry, instruction and assessment in order to prepare students to be conscientious world citizens.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday!

Thank you everyone who came and attended Art's Night!  I am so proud of all the hard work the students put in =)

Inquiry into Language
The SK's practiced the sound and formation of the blend sound ph and brainstormed words on the board.  The SK's worked with partners on a cut and paste and matching activity, they had to match the ph word with the picture.

Here is the link to Mlle. Hou's blog:

Here is a link to Ms. Yustin's blog :

The students started their top secret Mother's Day activity.

Daily 5
The students were engaged in Literacy Centers with partners.

The SK's continued reviewing for the upcoming Measurement test with group activities.

The students were engaged with music activities with Ms. McMillan.

  • May 10th-Measurement Math Test 
  • May 17th-No School (PD Day)
  • May 20th-No School (Victoria Day)
  • May 29th-Casual Day
  • May 30th-Spelling Test

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