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St. Jude's Academy aims to teach students through planning, inquiry, instruction and assessment in order to prepare students to be conscientious world citizens.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Happy Friday!

Inquiry into Language
We combined language and math today with an end of unit Farmers Market!  We combined with the other SK classes and created price tags for each of the toy items that we were selling in our market.  The students took turns role playing as sellers and customers.  The students were responsible for creating the prices and using the play money to pay the correct amount.

Here is the link to Mlle. Hou's blog:

Here is a link to Ms. Yustin's blog :

We continued our Career Day for the Community Helper summative presentations today.

Daily 5
The students were engaged in Literacy Centers with partners.

The SK's were focused with their money math test today.

  • April 19th-Good Friday (School CLOSED)
  • April 22nd-Easter Monday (School CLOSED)
  • April 23rd-Earth Day (students are to dress in green and blue).
  • April 24th-Casual Day

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