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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Windy Wednesday!

I have sent home the Data Management review packages in the agenda bags for today, to prepare for the test on Wednesday, November 28th.

Inquiry into Language
The SK's practiced the sound and formation of blend ll words. The students brainstormed words that had the ll blend and wrote five words and a short sentence in their Jounals.  The students worked on an activity sheet with partners and had to find ll blend words in a word search.  Here is the link to the Jolly Phonics Letter Ll song:Jolly Phonics Letter Ll Song:

Ms. Yustin had the students begin a new unit today, they enjoyed exploring gymnastics!

Mlle. Hou taught the students the five senses vocabulary in French.  Her is the link to her website:

We continued our Space unit and focused our learning on the stars and constellations.  Today the students continued the wishing star activity.  We also listened to a read a loud of a space book titled Floating in Space that was brought in and read by a student in our class.

Daily 5
The SK's were engaged in Literacy Centers today, with books and puzzles.

The students continued our new Math unit with Data Management.  The students were engaged with a tally and graphing activity.  The SK's worked in partners and worked on a Christmas themed tally and graph activity.

-Data Management Test is on Wednesday, November 28th.
-Spelling test for the month of November will be on Friday, November 30th.
-Report Cards will be going home on Friday, November 30th.

 I would get the moon for.......

 working on ll blend words

 graphing and tallying!

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