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Friday, November 16, 2018

Snowy Friday!

The SK's did a great job presenting their Candy Corn Experiment for the Science Fair.  They also had fun playing outside in the snow today!  Today our routine was a little different because of the Science Fair schedule and presentation at the end of the day.  The Students were engaged with a Space activity booklet, the students worked with partners and worked on a space themed word search, math graph and number colouring puzzle.  I have also sent home a Moon Phases tracking sheet that the students can use to record at home!

- Just a reminder to parents to bring in appropriate weather attire for students (snow pants, boots, gloves, hat and scarves) and socks (socks sometimes get wet from outside). 
-Scholastic book orders are due Friday, November 16th.
-To prepare for the upcoming Christmas Concert, I would like parents to begin purchasing a pair of reindeer antlers for their child (costume for the Christmas Concert).  Students are also going to be wearing black/ brown clothing for the concert.
-Report Cards will be going home on Friday, November 30th.

 presenting for the Science Fair judge

 Flash for the letter F
 A fork for the letter F
 Fun for the letter F
 Finley for the letter F
 working together!

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