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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

Letters of the Week: Mm & Dd

Show & Share for tomorrow:

International Day
is tomorrow from 2:30 to 3:15 pm, parents are welcome to come visit the classrooms.  Students may also dress in their cultural clothing or in the Jamaican flag colours for tomorrow. Parents who are bringing in food for tomorrow, please make sure that it is already cooked, I do not have access to the school kitchen.  Just to clarify some things about the Summative Assignment (Down on the Farm), the written part will be done in class and the presentations will take place next week October 11th and 12th.  Parents may help students with the presentation part of the assignment.  I will let students and parents know in the agendas and through emails, when each student will be presenting.

Inquiry into Language
The SK's learned the formation, sound and brainstormed words that began with the letter Dd.  The students also worked in their Printing Booklets and on a worksheet.  The students also shared what they were most thankful for, for Thanksgiving in their Journals.
Here is the link to the Jolly Phonics song for the letter Dd: jolly Phonics Song Letter Dd

Ms. Yustin had the students engaged in variety of gross motor games.

Mlle. Hou continued to teach the students about people in their family in French.

Unit of Inquiry
The students continued to work on the written part of their Summative Assignment.  I worked one on one with each of them to make any corrections if needed.

Daily 5
The students read books with a partner or individually.

The SK were busy with a patterns and Thanksgiving theme activity sheet.

                                      Sahib .K. and Farah was the Weather Boy & Girl today
                                              Journal writing: "I am thankful for ____________"

                                      The school is getting ready for International Day!

                                                         Thanksgiving Math
                        Working on our rough drafts and final copies for our Summative Assignment

-Chudleigh's Apple Farm trip will take place October 15th.  Students are to wear gym clothes on that day.
-Uniform shoes: black shoes are to be worn with all navy socks and gym shoes are to be worn with all white socks.
-International Day is on October 4th.  Parents are welcome to visit the classrooms to view the presentations from 2:30 to 3:15 pm.  Our class will be learning more about and presenting the country of Jamaica! Thank you again to those who have been bringing in items =)
-Friday, October 5th  and Monday, October 8th, the school will be closed.
-Summative Assignment Presentations are due and will take place on Thursday, October 11th and Friday, October 12th.
-Dairy Farmers of Ontario presentation will take place October 10th.

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