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Friday, October 19, 2018

Happy Friday!

Happy Birthday Dani!  I sent home a practice printing sheet for lower case letter k, I observed that there were a few students that needed extra practice.

Inquiry into Language
The SK's practiced the sound and formation of the letter Kk.  We practiced the Jolly phonics song and action and printed in our printing booklets  The students also had to identify pictures that begin with the letter Kk in an activity sheet.  Here is the link to the Jolly Phonics song for the letter Kk: Jolly Phonics Letter Kk song

Ms. Yustin was away today for Track and Field, Ms. Bancud was here.

Mlle. Hou continued to teach the students about farm animals in French.

Unit of Inquiry
We are ending our review of our Down on the Farm unit this week.  Today the students had to match pictures of foods that we eat to the animals and plants that they come from.  The SK's had to cute and paste.

The students enjoyed Library time with Ms. Hayward today.

Daily 5
The SK's had the opportunity to have Reading Buddies with the grade 4 students today.

The students reviewed what they remembered about patterns and practiced creating AB patterns, using manipulatives.

 We had some helpers with calendar today!

 cookies for the letter Cc
 keys for the letter Kk
 Camel for the letter Cc
 Kitten for the letter Kk

 Reading Buddies!

-Picture Day is on Thursday, October 25th.
-Spelling test on Friday, October 26th.
-Casual Day and Bake Sale are on Tuesday, October 30th.
-Spirit/Halloween Day students can dress up in their costumes, please no masks and weapons.

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