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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday!

Thank you to everyone who brought in treat for the bake sale today, we still have tomorrow as well.  We are very close to the Christmas break!

Inquiry into Language
The SK's practiced the sound and formation of the blend sound zz. The students practiced printing both upper & lower case zz in their printing booklets.  We also worked on sentence structure with a cutting and pasting Christmas themed activity.  The students had to use the short words provided to create a sentence and print the sentence as well.

Ms. Yustin was back today and they continued their gross motor activities focused on yoga and gymnastics.

Mlle. Hou taught the students Christmas themed vocabulary in French.  Her is the link to her website:

We continued watching more informative videos from Chris Hadfield about his experience in space.  We had a sharing circle to express what we observed and thought or questions we might have.

The students returned their library books and listened to The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, read by Mrs. Hayward.

The students focused on their addition test today.

-Bake Sale: Thursday, December 20th (please bring in a peanut/nut free bake good).
-December spelling test & Casual day (red, green & white): Thursday, December 20th.
-Christmas Holiday begins on Friday, December 21st.

 The students were focused during the addition math test
 blend sound zz

 working on sentence structure and printing skills
 We "elfed" ourselves and Mr. Rozario is Santa for the school door decorating contest! The winning class gets a pizza party!
 Reading Buddies!

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