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Monday, December 17, 2018

Happy Monday!

We have a few more until Christmas break! We were busy today, even without French because of a few teachers being away.  The students continued to work on reviewing addition equations, today the students focused on using ten frames to help show their work.  The students that needed more of a challenge with a variety of addition activity sheets.  We worked on the letter Zz and brainstormed words and names that begin with the letter Zz.  They students worked in their Journals and practiced their printing and sentence writing skills.  The SK's worked with a partner and had to match short words with the correct picture with a cutting and pasting activity.  When they had finished, each student had to copy the words and think of a sentence using one of the short words in their Journals.  We finished off learning about each planet with a read a loud that focused on Uranus and Neptune, the students learned more interesting facts and worked on an activity sheet.

-Addition math test: Wednesday, December 19th.
-Bake Sale: Wednesday, December 19th & Thursday, December 20th (please bring in a peanut/nut free bake good).
-December spelling test & Casual day (red, green & white): Thursday, December 20th.
-Christmas Holiday begins on Friday, December 21st.

 We are practicing printing words that begin with the letter Zz

 using ten frames to help us answer addition questions
 matching words with pictures
 sentence writing

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